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Founded in 1909, Arkansas State University is the second largest university in the state of Arkansas, in the United States. It is a national doctorate-level institution with more than 150 areas of study and more than 90,000 graduates. Campus Querétaro is its first campus outside of the United States.

Arkansas State University Queretaro

A-State By Number

37% graduates with an honorable mention

51% Graduates with a minor or specialty

38% Students get a job before finishing their studies

3% Graduates with a double major

Our Vision

The Arkansas State University System creates highly educated citizens prepared for a global and technological society. It’s about providing quality undergraduate and graduate education, useful research, and dedicated public service.

Our Mission

The mission of the Arkansas State University System is to contribute to the educational, cultural, and economic advancement of Arkansas by providing quality general undergraduate education and specialized programs leading to certificate, associate, baccalaureate, masters, professional, and doctoral degrees; by encouraging the pursuit of research, scholarly inquiry, and creative activity; and by bringing these intellectual resources together to develop the economy of the state and the education of its citizens throughout their lives.

Our Values

  • Student Success.
  • Integrity.
  • Diversity.
  • Quality.
  • Community.

Message from the Associate Vice Rector

I am Associate Vice Rector Andre Possani, and I am thrilled to invite you to learn more about the educational model at Arkansas State University Querétaro (A-State). I sincerely believe we are the university of the future because of the unique experience we offer to all our students.

In 2017, Arkansas State University opened its doors in Querétaro, and today we have already graduated more than 150 students. Our mission is to Educate Leaders, Enhance Intellectual Growth, and Enrich Lives. Our vision is to develop international professionals via a culture of global awareness, social responsibility, creative expression, and transformative leadership through a US-style educational model.

We hope to see you on campus soon!

Andre Possani Espinosa Arkansas State University Queretaro

Andre Possani Espinosa PHD

Academic Board Management

Maria Montserrat Juarez Arkansas State University

María Montserrat Juárez Aubry PhD

Director of Science and Math



BSc, Physics, Universidad de las Américas, Puebla.

Cesar Gustavo Iriarte Rivas Arkansas State University

Cesar Gustavo Iriarte Rivas PhD

Director of Business

PhD, Economics, University of Sussex

Ms, Development Economics, National Polytechnic Institute

Bs, Economics, National Polytechnic Institute

Carlos Ramirez Arkansas State University Queretaro

Carlos Rafael Ramírez Jiménez PhD

Director of Engineering Programs

PhD, Engineering, Warwick University

MSc, Mechanical Systems Engineering, Warwick University

BSc, Industrial Robotics, ESIME IPN

Karen Alexandra Strong Zuñiga Arkansas State University

Strong Zuñiga, Karen Alexandra MBA

Director of Liberal Arts & Communication

M.A., History of Ideas    Universidad Panamericana 

Dip Anthropology Universidad Panamericana

B.A., Communications.  Universidad Panamericana 

    History and Heritage

    A-State Academic Programs are based on an educational model which educates future professionals with the highest academic levels while promoting values and social welfare.

    The American educational model produces critical thinkers and effective communicators who possess a high sense of professionalism. Our highly qualified graduates obtain exceptional job opportunities and are successful professionals.

    Arkansas State University

    Arkansas State University developed from an agricultural school founded on April 1, 1909 by Act 100 of the 37th Arkansas General Assembly. It was created as one of four Arkansas high schools to teach agriculture, horticulture and the art of textile manufacturing. Today, the university grants bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees through its various campuses. With cutting-edge research capabilities, Arkansas State is building on its first hundred years and looking to the future.

    Arkansas State University Campus Querétaro

    Focused on its mission to educate leaders, enhance intellectual growth, and enrich lives, Arkansas State University is a catalyst for progress and the second largest university in the State of Arkansas. The public-private partnerships of A-State include the creation of the first American-style university in México, Arkansas State University campus Querétaro (A-State). To prepare the next generation of leaders with a commitment to a global mind- set is our institutional priority.

    Arkansas State University Querétaro

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