ASTATE Academics Overview

Students enrolled in ASUQ will receive a degree that is valid in Mexico and the United States. To fulfill the accreditation requirements of the Higher Learning Commission (a regional accreditation body in the United States) ASUQ offers the same accredited curriculum with additional requirements that comply with Mexico’s educational standards.

Find Your Major

New business conditions require visionary leaders who drive organizations to success, measured not only in terms of profit, but also in the ability to offer innovative solutions. 

Learn how to analyze human decision-making and interaction. Economic concepts apply to topics that range from individual choices to economic policies affecting international relations.
The interactions of the financial markets are distinguished by constant and accelerated changes, such as digital transformation and new business models. Financial professionals are needed to create shared value, manage risks, and optimize resources.

The world economy requires transnational companies to constantly assess and innovate their global networks in order to meet fast changing consumer needs. Our consumer preferences drive the challenge and the dynamic to maximize profit and satisfy demand.

Today’s business environment is dynamic and unpredictable, so having a clear and complete understanding of its scope is critical.

Thanks to our general education model, a student that chooses to study marketing  will be able to customize their bachelor’s degree during the specialization stage while complementing their skills at a more personal and professional level.

A designer oversees giving life to certain messages and ideas that need to be transmitted to an audience through drawings, sketches, brochures, books, or other technology support methods.

Social and technological transformations demand future perspectives for the production of informative, relevant, and entertaining content. Communications professionals are required to create narratives, content, and visual communication strategies based on the interests of users in various formats and digital platforms.

Although we don’t often think about it, our life is connected to electronic components such as vehicles, appliances, smartphones, airplanes, and robots. Electrical engineers work with a diverse range of technologies that we use daily. 

As an industrial engineer, your mission is to improve existing processes, make sure they work properly, and invent new systems for global industries and economic evolution.

Mechanical engineering is as fundamental today as it was when man reached the moon, and the need for expert professionals in this area continues to increase.

Biology is one of the sciences that has a broad field of study, since it investigates all living organisms that inhabit our planet, from the analysis of microorganisms to ecological systems

Biotechnology is one of the most transcendent and important science disciplines that exist. It is based on technological applications in processes that use biological systems and living organisms for innovation in a wide range of industries, such as pharmaceuticals, environmental, food, health, energy, among others.

Chemistry is the study of matter and the mechanisms by which matter undergoes transformations. People who study chemistry are versatile due to their experience with lab work, math, and other interdisciplinary sciences.

Our Educational Model

Double Degree

Valid in México and the United States

Classes 100% in English

With a multicultural team of teachers

American University Model

The first US university in México

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37 % of our students graduate with an honorable mention

38% of our students have acquired a job before graduation

92% of employers look for the soft skills that are forged by studying in the Living Learning Community

Study Abroad

Studying abroad offers a different way of learning; giving you new and exciting cultural experiences and opportunities to develop and grow.

You can choose between Intercampus Exchange with our campus in Janesboro, or with one of our Bilateral Exchange Partners around the world.

About Minors

A minor is a secondary area of specialized academic study usually consisting of 18-24 additional semester hours. Students may not minor in the same area as their major. Certain colleges provide the option of additional in-depth study beyond the major. Colleges may choose not to permit students to select a minor from within specific departments or colleges. For specific information regarding minors, students should speak with their advisors.

While students know that they need to declare a major, many of them do not realize the benefits of declaring college minors while at the university. Declaring a minor is a great way to take classes from a different department that will complement the degree that you earn or to take classes that interest you.

Student Success Center Prevention Over Attention

The mission of the Student Success Center (SSC) is to offer opportunities for students to achieve academic goals, develop as reflective learners, experience peer-facilitated learning, and lead their peers through academic accomplishments.

Tutoring Services

All our students are welcome to receive tutoring either by appointment or by coming to the Student Success Center during regular hours of operation. Carefully selected student tutors and ASUCQ Faculty members are available to tutor in a variety of topics such as Chemistry, Physics, Math, French, amongst others.  There is no limit to how often or how long students may receive tutoring- The Student Success Center advocates for students to use these services as often as wanted and to set up reccurring appointments if they know they need ongoing assistance.

Advising Services

This service is provided by the Student Success Center staff members so that students receive the necessary support with an issue that might be affecting the students’ academic success or wellbeing. It covers a wide variety of topics such as cover letter and resumé revisions to the Restart program. This process aids in the student retention process and the identification of student needs within our campus.


Counseling Services

These therapy sessions, led by the school psychologist, help students through any issues from their personal, family, social, or academic life. Counseling includes evaluation, orientation, intervention, and referral to a specialist if necessary. The objective of counseling is to provide students with the necessary tools and guidance so that their overall quality of life improves; therefore, proactively, and positively improving their academic progress.

Special Accommodations

Students who require special accommodations for class work and exams can approach the SSC staff who will have a one-on-one counseling session with the student. Once the need is identified, our SSC staff will refer the student to our school psychologist and medical services to get a professional diagnosis. These reports will be communicated to the individual parties involved to facilitate the student’s chances at success.

Contact Information

Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm
Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.



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