Since its inception, Arkansas State University Campus Querétaro has diligently laid the groundwork for a strategic department dedicated to collaborating with industry and external organizations that actively contribute to the advancement of our university community, faculty, and staff.

As pioneers of the American-style campus model in Mexico, we are deeply committed to fostering innovation in our partnerships with companies. Our Institutional Relations Office serves as the catalyst for cultivating relationships with various sectors of the community, including businesses, government entities, educational institutions, associations, and both national and international organizations.

Arkansas State University Academic Advisory Board

Through these collaborations, we aim to create a platform for the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and projects, with a shared vision of building a better Mexico. At Arkansas State University Campus Querétaro, we consider collaboration as the cornerstone of progress and are wholeheartedly committed to shaping the future.

Ricardo González Valdéz

Manuel Rivadeneyra

Francisco García Duperou

Juan Carlos Corral

Héctor López

Isabel Ruiz

Luis Felipe Rivas

Rosalba Cobos

Agustín Soto

Carlos Canseco

Gabriela Ochoa

Mario Villalon

Jorge Baca

Luis Corral

Claude Gobencaux

Arkansas State University Querétaro

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