TUS (Transitional University Studies department) Passive to Autonomous Learning

Traditional education models, particularly in Mexico, are usually based on roles that teachers and students must fulfill with the teacher overseeing the student´s entire educational process. A teacher´s objective is to deposit the knowledge at their disposal into the student while the student acts as the passive recipient of that information. 

We now know that these models are obsolete for the needs of today’s world. Twenty-first-century professionals need to be adaptive, able to make on-demand decisions, and have an open perspective; not just be highly trained employees with technical know-how. 

To achieve the above, Arkansas State University Campus Querétaro forges the future with its mission of educating leaders, enhancing intellectual development, and enriching lives by having different learning resources available that encourage their students to acquire meaningful and useful knowledge for real-life scenarios during their professional preparation in their area of study.  One such resource is the Transitional University Studies (TUS) department, which specializes in guiding students as they learn and improve the skills needed for university education. 

We know that the transition from high school to the university can be complex due to the change of educational paradigm and the responsibilities involved in starting young adult life. Therefore, the TUS department provides a supportive environment for a successful transition. Additionally, it is the academic place for students whose test scores and high school grade point average indicate that they can be admitted to college but need to show improvement to meet unconditional admission requirements.   TUS provides students resources and educational opportunities to better adapt to the culture of academic and student life at A-State CQ. 

One of the most important principles is to leave behind the idea of passive learning focused on the teacher and gravitate towards an active independent autonomous style of learning. These programs build the foundation for our EFL students (English as a foreign language) to develop oral and written communication abilities at a university level through practical and focused world scenarios. Thus, students achieve critical academic goals while learning to apply the skills acquired in a university environment. 

The TUS department offers different programs aimed at developing our students’ academic levels while they grow and improve in their classes which are taught 100% in English. The programs are also designed to help you make the most of your time while at the university so that nothing can stop you from continuing your higher education at the only university in Mexico that offers this educational model. Learn more about our TUS department programs at A-State CQ here

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