The future is faced with challenges, but your university studies are not

The future is faced with challenges, but your university studies are not.

As a socially responsible institution, Arkansas State University Campus Querétaro empathizes and recognizes the situation that is happening around the world due to the COVID-19 contingency. Since our mission is to educate, enhance and enrich lives, we are supporting our new wolves with financial plans for their tuition and room & board fees. Nothing can stop you from preparing yourselves.

We have 3 different financial plans for your convenience and benefit:

Begin your university studies in August 2020 and start paying until November 2020. The tuition and room & board fees for August, September and October 2020 can be paid in one of the following ways:

In 5 deferred payments, from January to May 2021.

The August payment can be deferred in 5 payments, from January to May 2021, and the payments for September and October can be paid in June and July 2021.

In 2 deferred payments from June to July 2021.

All 3 without interest!

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You can also ask your recruiter about the financial plans that best fit your circumstances.

We will get through these challenges and stand strong. Together as a pack!

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