Studying a degree that is valid in more than one country offers professional, academic, and administrative advantages that are important to know when it is time to continue with your university studies. It promotes your professional career at national and international levels, helps you be better prepared and even avoid headaches in administrative processes. 

Below, we tell you about what a degree with double validity is, how you can benefit from it and why Arkansas State University Campus Querétaro is the best option for your university studies.   

Internationally valid degree vs. double degree 

Double degree university studies are those that allow you to obtain two academic degrees from different universities by studying a single degree; as well as going through administrative processes to unify or validate your studies. These processes may require you to take more subjects, take some courses abroad and/or incur additional costs to process the degree.  

University studies valid in two countries are those that allow you to obtain a single university degree while studying at one university. In the case of the academic programs offered by A-State Campus Querétaro, you obtain a degree already validated in Mexico and the United States at the end of your university studies, without the need to study an additional semester, a complimentary course or pay for additional paperwork for the degree. 

Projection for the International professional  

Having a degree that is valid in more than one country offers you the added value of being prepared as an international professional. 

In A-State Campus Querétaro’s case, upon completing your undergraduate studies, you obtain an official degree recognized by the Secretary of Public Education (SEP) and by The Higher Learning Commission in the United States. 

Having an American bachelor’s degree opens the door to apply as a professional to any American company in the United States or anywhere in the world; hence your range of job opportunities expands.  

Administrative advantages 

A degree with double validity can also offer you administrative advantages if you want to continue your studies or work in Mexico or the United States. 

The degree offered by A-State University CQ allows you to develop your professional life in the private sector in the United States without having to go through a process of accreditation or validation. 

Whichever way you look at it, studying a career that is valid in both Mexico and the United States offers unique advantages that you will not find at other institutions. Reap the rewards of studying in the only university in Mexico which offers you a degree with double validity. 

Arkansas State University Querétaro

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