When we talk about a Living Learning Community (LLC), we are describing a large community of students who work together to improve their academic and social skills. Within this living student community, strategies and activities are applied to improve the student’s psychosocial life. All of this is aimed at providing the student with comprehensive education, which means that all information provided in the classrooms is effectively retained through extensions outside of the classroom. Simply put, students are learning all the time and retaining that information for life. They are not only learning from teachers or tutors, but also from their own friends and classmates. 

Students who participate in a community like this have different benefits:

Positive and lasting friendships

·       Your roommate can also be your classmate. If you’re worried about the uncertainty and tension that can suddenly arise from meeting new people, as well as finding a group of friends on campus, becoming friends with your roommate or sharing classes with a friend is an easy way to bond and start making new social connections.

Social Events

·       Within an LLC, events are organized for its members. This way you can get to know the people who live on your floor. RAs (resident assistants) usually plan events throughout the year. Therefore, if you move to campus, living in such an environment will provide you with a support network and introduce you to some people with whom you have common interests.


·       Volunteering is a great way to get involved and have an impact on your immediate environment. Depending on the type of community at the university, you may be asked to participate in various volunteer projects. Not only does this benefit other members of the community, but it also looks good on your resumé. Plus, you never know who you might meet and where a future job offer might come from!

– Leadership skills

·       Students in the Living Learning community have a large assortment of opportunities to develop as leaders in different fields. They also have opportunities to learn how to work in groups and be supporting teammates.

– Meet the Alpha Wolves

·       Some of the professors live on campus and are very interested in the success of their community. Schedule a tutoring session with them for a particular class topic or a project you have in mind.

You have the best of both worlds

·       The great thing about living in an active student community is that everyone shares at least one thing in common: the pursuit of a college career. They also bring uniqueness to the community; you’ll meet people from all over the world,  with different backgrounds, perspectives, and ideals.

This unique environment creates opportunities for all members of its community. So, take the plunge and have a unique college experience.

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