The Residences at ASUCQ 

What benefits does a student gain living on campus? There are some obvious benefits like saving time in driving to and from school, continuous coexistence with colleagues and teachers, greater availability for activities outside of class, and greater independence. But did you know that there is more? Allow us to explain. 

  • Improve academic performance: Living on campus, you have all the resources for your learning at hand, so it improves your academic and social performance. 
  • Build stronger social relationships: By living with your classmates longer, they become closer friends. Experiences are shared, you study together, and eat together. It creates a bond that can last a lifetime and develops skills essential for interpersonal relationships. 
  • More opportunities to participate in sports: By living on campus, you can practice a sport on a constant basis since you have gaps in the day which can be used to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This favors a comprehensive development. In the athletic and sports area, we have programs for everyone. 
  • Savings in time and money (transportation and meals): Students invest about 98 hours per month, on average, in transportation (traveling from the house to campus, to the gym, to food establishments, supermarkets etc.)  The cost of the university rooms already includes rent, services (water, internet, electricity and gas), food (3 meals daily, 7 days a week), access to the gym and sports facilities (basketball courts, football, tennis), and parking. 

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