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You are about to finish high school and make your way to college one of the most important and memorable stages of your life. In addition to giving you the necessary training to perform successfully in the job market, university life brings you closer to the friends that will become your support network or work colleagues. At the university, you will make memories that will last a lifetime.  

College life is more than attending classes, studying for those algebra exams, writing complex essays, or staying up all night to study for finals.  It is a stage full of intertwined learning:   culture, sports, leisure, and fun. Earning a college degree takes you at least four years of your life. Entering the university right after high school puts you in your early twenties studying a career and expanding your knowledge.  It would be a shame not to capitalize on those early years! 

At the beginning of this stage, you may find the change overwhelming because the university is very different from high school. Now you are older, you have other obligations, and you must start making your own decisions – which also means taking responsibility for the consequences of those decisions. Stay calm! Although you’ll have to spend more time studying, and be more responsible for your time, remember that there is also a cultural and sporting life within the university, which offer you endless options to make this stage memorable. 

Do sports, go to the movies, a theater, or join a student group.  There are a million activities to do. There are universities that provide dynamic opportunities for cultural or physical growth. This is done through extracurricular activities such as workshops, extracurricular courses, seminars, or clubs like chess, literature, or art.   These activities aim to promote the creation of a university life full of collaboration among your community and to strengthen your sense of belonging. Remember that the extent of opportunities depends largely not on the offer, but on students who want to take them and enrich their educational experience. 

University life also trains you as a person. It forges your character. It brings out qualities that will be very useful in professional life. Qualities such as communicative skills, the ability to be flexible, and adapt to circumstances; organization of your time (to study while still having time for social gatherings or that adventure in a concert). College is the perfect space to hone these skills, as you are still in training and have a chance to get it wrong and correct it. Take advantage of it all!! 

The best advice we can give you is to enjoy this stage. Break into the university social life by joining as many activities as you can. look for the people you identify with and take advantage of everything your university has to offer. 

You are about to study the career of your dreams and achieve your professional goals. Do not let shame or fear beat you! Push yourself to live in full color and experience the entirety of university life. You will see that this stage will only bring you unforgettable experiences and friendships that you will create in one of the most important stages of your life. 

Best of Luck!

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