Red Wolves are named National Researchers by SNI

Arkansas State University Campus Querétaro would like to congratulate Dr. María Montserrat Juárez (Associate Professor of Physics and Mathematics and Director of Science and Mathematics), Dr. Zyanya Lucía Zatarain (Clinical professor of Biology) and Dr. Rafael Aguilar (Full time Professor of Engineering) who were recently awarded the Distinction of National Researcher – Level I of the National System of Researchers (SNI), for the next five years; as well as Dr. Nadyra Rodríguez (Full time professor of business), Dr. Hugo Flores (Clinical faculty of Mathematics) and Dr. Saúl Esparza (Full time professor of business) who were awarded the Distinction of National Researcher Candidate.

The National System of Researchers (SNI) was created in 1984 to acknowledge the impact of outstanding researchers that contribute to the advancement and production of scientific and technological knowledge.

The requirements established by SNI vary across the different areas of knowledge but, in general, they entail active participation in original and high-quality research as well as contributing to the universal access to science and training the next generation of scientists (either by teaching or supervising thesis/graduation projects).

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